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We have started building this platform!

As promised we planned building a platform where any PiDome user is able to contribute or use resources. Well, we started building it!

  • Total: 39
  • Native: 38
  • Custom shared: 1
Latest device
  • Name: PiRemote Node
  • Driver: PiRemote driver
  • Package: PiRemoteIsh
  • By: PiDome
  • All: 12
Latest Plugin
  • Name: PiDome Buienradar weather
  • Type: Weather plugins
  • Package: PiDome.WeatherPlugins
  • By: PiDome
  • All: 14
Latest Package
  • Name: PiDome.WeatherPlugins
  • By: PiDome
  • Date: 2015-01-15 15:54:01
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Currently only packages, drivers, devices and plugins provided by PiDome are available and present in the server.

Currently the site is only for publishing current supported features, you can browse the site but server installations etc. are not available yet!

We will start with user shared devices and let you know when it is available.

PiDome Platform

The PiDome platform enables users and us to share new plugins, drivers, and off course one of the most important components, user created devices. On this site you can search for drivers, plugins and devices to see if there are newly added or there is support for what you need. You can read manuals on how devices work and also if a specific driver supports custom devices so you can create them.

How does it work

Very simple, do a search on the above mentioned pages or on the server, choose download and install, you're done. That's it! No hustle with configuration files, no server restarts, no accounts needed (unless a component explicit requires it like for example API keys).

I want stuff

To get the stuff do a search on on of the search pages or do an search in the server. Download/Install what you want and your done.

I will be publishing stuff

To be able to publish custom devices,drivers and/or plugins you need a PiDome Platform user account and a publisher key. The publisher key is generated in the PiDome server's Publish settings page.