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This page is very important for users who want to create their own custom devices. Here you can find out if a specific driver supports the possibility to create your own custom devices based on protocols used by attached peripherals (like the gateway).

While the server is in alpha version the driver version numbers will stay the same and are automatically updated with each server update when needed.

Currently supported drivers

PiDome Raspberry Pi I2C passthrough driverYes0.0.1PiDome.I2C
PiDome Server info passthrough driverNo0.0.1PiDome.Peripherals
Arduino barebone driver for Simple DevicesNo0.0.1PiDome.Drivers
PiDome USB HID passthrough driver (not keyboard mouse etc...)No0.0.1PiDome.Drivers
PiDome IR recorder driverNo0.0.1PiDome.Drivers
Philips Hue devices driver (uses plugin emulator)No0.0.1Pidome.PhilipsHue
MySensors USB (serial) driver API 1.4Yes0.0.1Pidome.MySensors
KlikAanKlikUit Learning devicesNo0.0.1PiDome.KlikAanKlikUitArduino
PiDome devices using urlsYes0.0.1PiDome.Drivers
PiDome MySensors MQTT implementationYes0.0.1Pidome.MySensors
PiDome MQTT Broker device driver linkYes0.0.1PiDome.MQTTBroker
PiDome RFXCom driverYes0.0.1PiDome.RFXCom
PiRemote driverNo0.0.1PiRemoteIsh