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Read this first

Currently it is only possible to take a look around and see what is supported. Other functionalities will be added when available. Now you can read on.

How does the site work?

Before this can be told correctly a little explanation of how the server works is needed.


Devices are used to view data or to control them. A device can be a temperature sensor/reader, a light switch, etc..


A driver is just like a driver like you have on your operating system. It is the piece of software that translates a device command to something that the device will eventually understand. This piece of software also translates the information back so you are able to see what it brabbles back like a light is turned on or what the temperature is.


A plugin is used to enhance the server in such a way so you are able not only to interact with devices, but also to provide weather information, calculate your utility usages, control your media, etc... Next to this plugins can also extend server's base functionalities to get more out of it


Packages are like installation files (in fact they are). They can contain plugins, drivers and devices, or only a driver, only a plugin, etc. Any of these combinations. You will be using them to install, uninstall any of the items they contain.

This is all nice, but how does it work?

As said a device needs a driver. So when you take a look at a device, you will see which driver it needs. PiDome is setup in such a way that everyone can create a device which needs a driver created by someone else.


Yes, example: An user sees that we have created a specific driver, let's take the RFXCom for example. But we are missing a specific device which this user needs. This user will be able to create this device, creates an installation packages for it and publishes the availability of this device to this platform.
You, as a visitor, has done a search on this site, and found the device. And of course you want it. When you click this device you will see that this device has a dependency to the RFXCom driver which is in the RFXCom package.
When you are going to install this device on the server, the server recognizes the dependency, will contact the platform, and will install the needed packages for you of they are not installed yet (only when you agree of course).

Yes, ok, but still do not know how the site works

The platform website does visually what the server does in the backend. It shows you what you need for what, what currently is supported and how everything is linked to each other. It is one big dependency machine which keeps track of everything so you do not have to, but if you are interested you are able to view them here. If you want to know if a device is supported search devices. If you want to know if you can create custom devices for mysensors or rfxcom, search for them on the drivers page, etc.

I want to know how it works more in depth

We are busy describing the API's and how all the stuff works inside. When this documentation is ready this will be published at But currently this page is quite empty.