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Packages are used to install/enhance features of PiDome. They can contain drivers, devices and/or plugins. Currently packages are only supplied by PiDome and you can use this page to see what currently is supported natively by PiDome

While the server is in alpha version the package version numbers will stay the same and are automatically updated with each server update.

Currently native included packages list

PiDome.PeripheralsThis package contains all the natively supported attachable peripherals.0.0.12015-01-11 14:26:40
PiDome.DriversThis package contains the native supported drivers and is used for initial driver support upon installation.0.0.12015-01-11 14:31:32
PiDome.DevicesThis package contains the native out of the box supported devices upon installation. These are basically devices to make the server work or provide examples.0.0.12015-01-11 14:31:32
Pidome.PluginsThis package holds native supported plugins which mainly are for demo purposes or are special cases.0.0.12015-01-11 14:35:45
Pidome.MySensorsThis package contains the support for self build devicesand sensors. These devices are 100% custom and compatible with the device editor. Please refer to for more information.0.0.12015-01-11 14:35:45
Pidome.PhilipsHueSupport for Philips hue light fixtures. It supports auto discovery of your bridge, and can create your light fixtures automatically in the server. So no management is needed except for adding the bridge.0.0.12015-01-11 15:51:15
Pidome.KodiThis package supports the Kodi Media center (formerly known as XBMC). Supports starts with version 15:51:15
PiDome.KlikAanKlikUitArduinoThis package delivers support for the use of Dutch KlikAanKlikUit devices using an Arduino. The Arduino code is available at: browse to Arduino/Uno -> KaKu Learning/KlikAanKlikUitLearning0.0.12015-01-11 15:09:36
PiDome.I2CThis package delivers support for the use if the I2C pins on the Raspberry Pi. It contains some devices and gives you the possibility to create your own I2C custom devices.0.0.12015-01-11 15:09:36
PiDome.MQTTBrokerThis package adds MQTT broker capabilities to the PiDome environment. It can map external MQTT clients to internal devices and allows you to control the server in various ways using MQTT.

This package allows you to create custom devices and by defaults publishes all the device data in both a semantic way and with raw data.

Next to this it also behaves like a normal MQTT server as you would expect.
0.0.12015-01-11 15:14:28
PiDome.PlugwiseThis package provides Plugwise equipment. It is continously development to support more then currently only the Utility measurements.0.0.12015-01-11 15:51:15
PiDome.RFXComThis package is for supporting RFXCom supported devices from popular weather stations to self learning devices.

Currently supported are: Lighting1, Lighting2 and lighting 5 as well as a lot of popular weather sensors from OREGON and others. This package is currently under continuous development to support a whole lot more!

It is possible to create your own custom devices based on the protocols supported. So if new devices are released, and the RFXCom supports the protocol you can add them yourself and share them!
0.0.12015-01-11 15:18:48
PiRemoteIshThis is a custom build package for XBEE testing purposes0.0.12015-01-12 16:01:10
PiDome.WeatherPluginsPackage for supporting some weather data suppliers including and the dutch Buienradar. More will follow soon.0.0.12015-01-15 15:54:01