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Packages are used to add features to PiDome. They can come in a lot of flavors from controlling devices and do your utility measurements up to provide weather information or control your media appliances.

While the server is in alpha version the plugin version numbers will stay the same and are automatically updated with each server update.

Currently native supported plugins

XBMC Version 12Plugin which connects to XBMC 12Multimedia PluginsPidome.Kodi
XBMC Version 13Provides multimedia connectivity with XBMC 13. It handles playing movies, audio and can handle limited PVR functionalityMultimedia PluginsPidome.Kodi
PiDome Utility MeasurementsDelivers the PiDome default utility measurements plugin where you can use device output as the base for the utility measurements calculations.

Calculations are based on or pulses or absolute device provided values.
Utility MeasurementPidome.Plugins
Plugwise Smile P1This plugin provides Utility measurements to PiDome as provided by the Plugwise Smile P1Utility MeasurementPiDome.Plugwise
SMS Messenger (via sms tools)Provides the abaility to send SMS messages. For this you need a mobile phone connected and the installation of SMStools to be done before using this plugin.Messenger pluginPidome.Plugins
PiDome IR remoteBy using this plugin you are able to create your own infrared remote controls. This plugin works together with a PiDome created Arduino device to record, test and send IR commands. This device can be found at: . Browse To Arduino Uno -> PiDome IR TranceiverThis device needs to be connected to the USB port of your pi (or hub)Remote controlPidome.Plugins
Philips HueThis plugin adds the ability to control Philips Hue fixtures.

The plugin will automatically add the fixtures to the device lists, but will also automatically remove them when removed from the Philips Hue Hub.
Device pluginsPidome.PhilipsHue
Http URL DevicesThis plugin provides the ability to let a PiDome device publish device commands (toggle button) to a remote http resource.

This action is one way. The plugin does not fetch current statuses.
Device pluginsPidome.Plugins
Mysensors MQTT bridgeThis plugin adds the ability to connect to the MySensors MQTT broker gateway.

This plugin accepts custom devices in the exact same way as you would create them for the serial (usb) connected gateway.

The custom devices are not interchangeable due to some restrictions present in the MQTT bridge.
Device pluginsPidome.MySensors
PiDome MQTT BrokerThis plugin adds MQTT broker capabilities to the PiDome environment. It can map external MQTT clients to internal devices and allows you to control the server in various ways using MQTT.

This package allows you to create custom devices and by defaults publishes all the device data in both a semantic way and with raw data.

Next to this it also behaves like a normal MQTT server as you would expect.
Device pluginsPiDome.MQTTBroker
PiDome OpenWeatherMapProvides weather data provided by
Weather pluginsPiDome.WeatherPlugins
PiDome Buienradar weatherProvides weather data provided by Buienradar which is a Dutch weather data provider.
Weather pluginsPiDome.WeatherPlugins