Server features

The PiDome server is more then a system to communicate with hardware, services, media, or other appliances. The server will be able to connect any device with any compatible service of your choice. And as the server grows in functionalities you will be able to do more and more with less and less actions needed.

Below is a list of some features currently implemented, please be aware of the fact this list is not final and is tend to grow more and more.

Basic features

As with all home automation servers you would at least expect the blow features

  • Aimed at technical and non technical users,
  • Macros: Run multiple commands at the same time,
  • Control your media devices (XBMC, more will follow),
  • Weather data where you can choose between openweather, and Buienradar, more will follow,
  • Real time usb peripheral detection, correct drivers are loaded based on vendor and product id (vid&pid),
  • Macro’s and event triggers which can set your presence (Home/Away), if you are a sleep, perform actions on sunset/sunrise, a fixed time, part of day, if you are awake, if you are home or not, or output from a device,
  • Data automatically graphed and stored in a round robin databases,
  • Secure connections between the server and clients.
  • Floor planner with a twist, you create in the web interface, the client shows it in 3D,
  • Android phone and tablet client
  • The exact same interfaces between all client types with only adaptation regarding display sizes and device types.
  • Automatic presence detection,
  • User management
  • And more,

Advanced features

Next to the default functionalities we are proud to provide some extra advanced functionalities

  • Static displays management
  • Clients for embedded use (Like the Raspberry Pi),
  • Dashboard designer for all client types,
  • MQTT broker with client functionalities,
  • Write your own custom driver in javascript1 for your own custom devices in the web interface with full API support,
  • Compose your own devices in a graphical interface with drag and drop extending existing devices or for your own custom devices.
  • Advanced rules,
  • Want to create your own client or web interface? No problem, A full fledged JSON-RPC 2.0 API is available.
  • And many more

We do not like to brag, but we believe that the advanced features differentiates PiDome from other Open Source projects like the possibility to create your own dashboards and write your own driver in Javascript1, both in real time!

These are off course not all the features available. Take a look at the screenshots and videos page to find out more and to see working examples.


1 Drivers are written in ECMAScript and the server is 100% ECMAscript compatible, Javascript extends ECMAScript with browser functions added. These browser functions are not available in the drivers

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

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