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Last year, 5 days ago, we have set a feature request freeze and we have some important news which affects future development.

First, a happy new year and the best whishes from us all at PiDome!

A couple of weeks ago we have published a news item which mentioned that we are introuducing a feature freeze at the 31st of Januari at 23:59. And you have replyed with requesting as much as 30 new feature requests for both the server and the client. For this we thank you all very much! PiDome is more and more becoming an home automation package driven by user requests.

All these requests will be included in the upcoming BETA release and by the end of this week we will start with prioritize them. We have to do some work on the server internals to make it easier to extend PiDome in the future and make it easier and more robust as users want it to be. More details will follow in future posts.

Important news

You might have noticed there was some silence from our part the last weeks, but this has a reason. Since today John has started a new job at Greenhouse Innovation as Java backend developer. With John started his new job this means a change for PiDome. This change has pro's and cons.

Cons: Only one, there is less time available for development, but with as much passion as it always was. Or even more when you read the Pro.
Pro: It will provide more funding for PiDome so we are able to implement all the features we have planned.
What will not change? Everything else.

More news and blog posts will follow as soon as possible. Our primary focus now is prioritize all your feature requests.

We will keep you posted.

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