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Welcome a new UI designer, an exciting project involvement and development progress update image

As some of you already know we are busy extending our team and we finally found an awesome guy capable spending spare time to bring PiDome to new heights. But this is not the only exciting news we have. Last but not least, there is a development progress update available.

Oh boy a lot is happening once again!

The last couple of weeks we have started looking for new developers to add to our team. We have discussed our weak and strong points. We found that our design skills are lacking the quality we expect to supply to you all. We expect our designs to be usable, beatiful and versatile across all the platforms the client should run on.

Our current design focus has always been supplying functionality. We think it is time to put this to the next level. We have been talking with a lot of UX designers providing the knowledge we need to create awesome user interfaces.

PiDome's newest team member

berendWe would like to welcome Berend to our team! Berend is an excelent UI/UX designer who has already done a lot of awesome work and i have the privilege to see his work and i'm thrilled to have him added to the team.
Berend's primary role in the team is to advice us all and create user interfaces focussed on the most optimal user experience in the PiDome clients.
With Berend in our team we will be able to provide coherent user interfaces across all platforms, we believe he is the guy able to face this enormous challenge.


PiDome joining a big pilot for automation and data aggregation

We can't say a lot yet, but we have been contacted by a private party searching for an automation system capable of monitoring, actuating and data aggregation for a non profit organisation. This non profit organization provides portable health care for the needed. This pilot program will first connect one and maybe multiple small rural hospitals. When this pilot succeeds it will be implemented in over 1000 portable hosptials across Sub-Sahara Africa.

In short: We will be monitoring power and water consumption, visitor count, high power switching, customizable dashboards, support in investigation of wide area wireless communication and more. Some technologies which will be getting primary focus are Modbus and interfacing with the UniPi if this hardware would be chosen to supplement existing hardware.

We are thrilled to work with this organization where we will be able to share thoughts, hardware configurations, implementations and yes, source code. Our development will be shared between us all where possible. This means development is returned to the open source community which is one of our goals. And providing a system for non-profit organizations knowing it helps the needed is an awesome thing.

This project will change some things in our roadmap which we will be publishing when more information is available.

Development progress update

We are continuing the development to align the web interface in such a way it is more conistent and removes all dependencies with the jqwidgets library which is one of the fundamental components.

What we have done

The web interface has final been completely detached from the server. This means it is possible to supply different interfaces without any server dependency. This resulted in a broken interface for pages which where rendered by the server. These pages are now being overhauled and the following pages have been done recently:

  1. The automation rules page,
  2. The scenes page,
  3. The macro's page,
  4. Weather plugin page,
  5. And the media pages (both edit and now playing).

The media plugins has functionality added making it possible to search through media libraries in the web interface. When searching for your items you are able to immediately play an item or add it to your current playlist. This functionality will be added to the clients asap.

We made some changes to the automation rules backend where we solved a memory leak which took a couple of weeks to find.

We still have pages to do and are progressing

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

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