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Two months ago one of our actions is to update the PiDome client. Today i decided to do an in between release of the client for all supported platforms which are ARM, Mac, Windows and Android. This update has a couple of interesting items in the list.

Added support for the official Raspberry Pi display

With the release of the official Raspberry Pi display it should be a normal thing to have this supported. Allthough the display shows the Raspberry Pi's framebuffer and the app already is responding to touch events, the support added is for the display's brightness and on/off status. These brightness and on/off statusses are controlled by the settings/ file. The following line in this file will let the app know it is interfacing with the official display:


the following lines control the display's blackout:


These lines enable the power off which will kick in after 30 seconds. A touch turns on the display again.

Added support for time based display dimming

The previous version of the ARM client supported reading an Light dependand resistor to detect the ambient lighting. You are still able to use this in combination with the Raspberry Pi display. In case of not bing able to use this setup time based dimming has been added. You are able to supply a time for the display to dim and to become bright again. The following lines enables this option in the settings/ file:

The above settings enable the time based display dim and brightness. The maximum dim value is set to 20% and the maximum brightness is set to 100%. The timedim setting has the dim start time up to the dim end time set. The display starts to dim at 20:00 when it is 100%. The display will be at 20% on 22:00. the timebright does the reverse.

Updating gauges

We are in the line to update all the gauges and make the data categories you can set on the server more useful. When a device is created in the device creator on the server and you have defined a data field which has the category battery, the client will show a battery gauge on the dashboard. We will be replacing all gauge types with their corresponding category in the upcomming time. 
P.S.: The Dashboard designer on the server where you can design your dashboard does not yet reflect these changes.

Dashboard size is now the dashboard size

When you are navigating to the dashboard you will notice the menu bar is gone. Well, not completely gone, just swipe down to show the menu bar and swipe back up to hide it. The dashboard is now fully available and reflects the size shown in the dashboard designer much better!

Full changelog

The above updates are not the only one (finally a more slider based slider control!). refer to the below change log to see the changes that have been made.

- Updated graph control,
- Updated gauges updated segmented, added flat and battery,
- Dashboard is full screen, swipe down to show menu, swipe up to hide menu,
- Updated macro visuals,
- Updated scene visuals,
- Updated toggle button visuals,
- Added the official raspberry pi display screen control (brightness and display on/off)
- Added time based brightness control,
- Added sunrise and sunset based brightness control,
- Updated weather widget on dashboard, visuals and added upcoming weather,
- Replaced a lot of hard coded SVG paths with SVG fonts,
- Updated time widget on dashboard,
- Updated slider control,
- Fixes in UI locks when interactions with controls occur,
- Fixed port assignment on MOBILE profile devices to be in sync with WS port if different from default server port,
- Some small graphical fixes.

I want to thank Jens Deters for his awesome fontawsomefx work and hansolo for his work on his great medusa and regulators libraries. If you are a JavaFX developer check these libraries out!


the new versions of the clients for desktop, arm and android are available on bitbucket at: If there are any issues or requests, please file them at: and select PiDome Client (Embedded/Android/IOS/Desktop) as the project.


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