Developers API

The server is still in ALPHA development status. This means that there is too much that still can change hence meaning we will start writing the API down when the server reaches BETA status

Server development API

The server development API will explain everything that has to do with creating drivers, devices, peripheral connectors and packages for distribution.

to develop for the server you would only need one package which contains all the needed interfaces and functions to develop for the server

Client development API

We have a Java client library available which you can use to write your own clients with. This library is compatible with Android so you will also be able to write Android applications

We our self use this library to create the clients which are available on the downloads page. This means at first we will only add functionality we need to make it possible to provide these client's their functionalities.


Currently the server is in ALPHA state. We will start with publishing the API when the server is beta meaning all API functionalities have been function frozen and will not change