Server FAQ

The FAQ always refers to the latest version of the server available

The F.A.Q is split up in the following sections:


  • When will the server be available?
    There is no real estimate yet of when there will be a beta or final release, ALPHA and development releases are available on the download page.
    The server does already has a couple of features, but there is still a big list of tasks we want to clean up first. This list can grow by time. We yet have no milestone defined when the server needs to be finished for a first early Alpha/Beta release.
  • The servers seems unfinished
    This is correct, we are currently only releasing development and alpha releases. This means functionalities will be added over time. We will post when a first feature freeze release will be made, and so the first alpha/beta/candidate releases.
  • How do we know when the server is generally available?
    You can follow our Twitter account which is always up to date with the latest news.


  • Is windows a supported platform?
    Well, this is off and on. We do provide needed libaries to run the PiDome server on windows. But, we do not focus on the windows platform. As of this moment the drivers do change by time to time so we can’t really say, yes we do support it, no we do not support it. We focus on the raspberry pi and current release are only alpha releases.
  • What are the supported plaftorms then?
    Because we focus on the raspberry pi, only the raspberry pi is a official supported.

Web interface

  • How do i reach the web interface?
    The web interface runs at "http://your.pi.ip.address:8080/"
  • The web interface is incorrect/does not work (correctly).
    The server is still in development and currently the web interface is being overhauled, this means some features can still work as not expected/supposed to. Make sure you download the latest version via the downloads or build server.
  • The web interface has missing functionalities
    This also is an correct observation. It is possible we temporarily are disabling features because of development purposes.


  • What kind of devices are supported?
    Please take a look at the "Supported Technologies" page for a full list
  • When i add an device, it is not automatically loaded.
    This can happen in some circumstances, you will need to restart the server to start the device as of this moment.
  • How do i restart the server?
    You can use "service pidome-server stop/restart/start" for stopping, restarting or starting the server if you have installed the init script. If you do not have the init script installed you will need to shutdown via the web interface or use the command line to restart (See Starting and stopping the server).
  • I have an error
    If you started the server without debugging, go to “System > Run settings” and press the debug button to turn on debugging, and try to reproduce the problem. The file <install_dir>log/system/appLog.txt will record the error. Copy and paste the error to Bug reports page.

Bug reports/ feature requests

  • How do i file a bug report?
    When there is an error, please try to reproduce. There is a folder called logs/system/ which holds the appLog.txt. Try to identify the error. It always starts with something like “2015-10-04 23:22:10,334 [Serial-discovery] ERROR ” followed with the error message. Sometimes the error includes a lot of lines. Include them all. Copy the error, explain what you where trying to do and post this at: PiDome Server bug report page.
  • I want a feature added!
    If you got a cool idea, or something we all definitely need. Or a personal need we all can use. Please post this at the PiDome server feature request page. Try to be as descriptive as possible, And please stay with feature requests for the server. We have different pages for the client and hardware.

Known issues


  • I get the message: “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Main : Unsupported major.minor version [NUMBER]”
    You are using an incompatible java version. The server includes the correct stable java version. Update the server to it's latest version to get rid of the message.

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